Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is the eminent jury for the "Morran Book"!


* Lisa Solomon, Millie and Tonka

* Gemma Corell and Mr Pickles

* Lisen Adb├ąge and Stina

* Mette aka Ungt blog and Rufus

* Sandra and Juto

The best jury ever if you ask me.

Open Call for pictures to a book full of Morran!
It is open for everyone to participate.

All you have to do is to send a 300 dpi picture, 7x7 inches (18x18 cm), to info(at)studiomorran(dot)com
before the 31st of october 2011. My mailbox can only take pictures up to 10 Mb, if your picture is bigger please send it through Yousendit or use Dropbox (or anything like that)
A recommendation from Pikaland Amy - WeTransfer.

There will be a jury. But there will also be a site where all pictures will be posted (with links to your website if you want to).

If your picture are choosen you will not get paid. You will not even get a free copy of the book. All profits will go to charity (more about that later on).

All technics are welcome!

Photos of Morran on Flickr

Thank you so very much for contributing!!
You have the rest of october to make something. If you are struggeling think about that it doesn't have to be a portrait, as long as the mainsubject IS Morran (like yourself thinking or Morran... ...Morran's name as graffiti...something that Morran would like and so on).

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Patrice A. said...

grand jury!
I hope I will make it....

greetings from
Patrice A.
and Splinter our dashhound!