Monday, October 10, 2011

A package for Morran

Lovely Wilma sent a package to Morran (and myself). A blanket made of vintage fabric from her grandmother and a doily she made herself. There was also an old book from Barcelona. See her photos before she sent it - Wilma

Thank you for the calendar shout out!
Kickcan & Konkers


barbara said...

what a great gift, and she seems to love it!


ElleSee said...

So sweet! It looks like she's really enjoying it!

Wilma said...

Omg, i'm glad to see Morran with the blanket, love it, thaks for the post

Jen said...

How lovely!! Morran is very loved :)

tammy said...

so lovely and adorable!
it's great. i love how perfectly she fits on it, and her head right by her picture <3 <3 <3