Tuesday, April 3, 2018

About Studio Morran

Studio Morran started in 2011 by the artist Camilla Engman. The physical home of the studio is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Much of the inspiration is found in nature, so long walk is essential. The working process itself and the urge to tell a story is other very important things at Studio Morran, you will always find a story in the work, easy to find or hidden, it will be there.

Studio Morran was founded as an answer to Camilla’s need for a place to excess in cuteness, when fine art took over more and more of her time and work. An effort to separate the two lines to make it more clear, both for herself and others. Studio Morran is still trying to find its true voice, it is a place that is still forming itself. So in that sense it feels new.

Studio Morran wants to be a place open to most materials and ways of expression, animation, illustration, clay, collage and so on. There is also a pronounced openness for different kinds of collaborations and cooperations. Studio Morran’s goal and struggle is to be a creative and happy place with a big heart.

Photographer: Björn Hellström


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