Monday, February 20, 2012

Tell me the story!

Tell me the story! Before the 5th of March.
The person behind the best story will get an item from the Studio Morran shop, for free and of choice :)

Just for the fun of it :)


ElleSee said...

Are you looking for a different story behind each illustration, a story for all of the illustrations as a whole, or are we to choose one illustration and write a story about it?

Camilla Engman said...

I was thinking for all three, what happens in the pictures? what's the story.

arteriole said...

Once upon a time, there lived a young princeling, the son of the Mightiest Silkie. The Great Silkie wanted his son to be a wise ruler and gave him a magical coat of glittering green and gold scales. "This coat will enable you to live on land, my son, but take care, you must bathe in the sea every full moon, or you will surely perish."

The young princeling performed many deeds of great renown, climbing hills, and taming wild ponies on the moors. But every full moon, he returned to the sea to wash his glittering coat. One day, while galloping on his favorite pony, he came upon a cowboy, who was practicing with a lasso.

The cowboy was part of a traveling circus, and he convinced the young princeling to run-away from his mountain home and little ponies, and to join him in the circus, where he could ride elephants as tall as mountains, and tame ferocious wild tigers. The princeling was persuaded by the cowboys words, and did not heed his father's warning, but joined traveling circus. Days passed, and the princeling forgot about his father, and the sea. His magnificent coat became dusty and dented and no one would have recognized the little dirty boy as the son of the great silkie.

One night under the hot spotlights, the princeling was performing a double somersault from the back of the elephant, when he suddenly crashed to the ground. Everything was tried to revive him, but it was no use, for what the little princeling needed was to bathe in the deep salt sea, for the full moon was rising.

The tiger began to cry, and her huge salt tears splattered onto the little princeling, revealing flashes of his glimmering coat. From the audience, there arose a mysterious lady, who came towards the ring. It was the princelings mother in disquise and she had recognized his shimmering coat. Scooping him up tenderly in her arms, she carried him away from the circus, back to his father and his rightful home in the sea. The little princeling grew up to be a Great Lord, and was wisest and kindest Ruler that ever was.

The End.

Unknown said...

As a child I dreamt of running away to the circus. As a child she dreamt of heading back to the ranch. An absent father, a grueling work schedule, and never a room of her own in which to arrange her knick knacks or whatz-its. Not everything is ideal for a young critter contortionist. It's tiring work.
What she does know, is that in dreams, the chores are already done. The horse is already saddled, and her Buckaroo Pops is ready and wranglin'. All that's left to do is ride, ride, ride.

ah, to dream such dreams.

<3 Cady

Bianca said...

Please sell prints of these!