Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sara Olmos
Constanza Bravo
Darja Charapova

You have sent me over 250 Morran pictures, and they are still dropping in!!


ishtar olivera said...

they are aLL WONDERFUL!!!!
I bet these will be on the book : )

annton said...

they are all incredible! isn't amazing how much talent and creativity is out there. I cannot wait for the book!

barbara said...

I am beyond words, this will be the coolest book ever!!!
Does Morran know and behave more "queenly" than ever?

Camilla Engman said...

Just imagine how she would behave if she knew!!

Suana said...

Fantastic work!

Esti said...

This book is going to be great! Imagine all the love, wow!

chickory said...

what a cool project. I am loving all the art posted so far, esp. Mikaela Elf. I fell in love with Morran looking at her flickr set. It makes me want a little dog (mine are over 100 lbs -rhodesian ridgebacks)

I am buying this book whether I get in or not. maybe more -if they are ready by Christmas (no pressure)

Angela M. Corti said...

So many beautiful Morrans arround!!!!
I really love this project, Camilla, and how it makes everybody move their hearts and pencils ♥♥♥!!

gracia said...

So many fantastical Morran images. Over 250!? Gosh! I do not envy the jury... but how nice to see that Morran is so loved and the inspiration of many.

Looking forward to seeing more contributions shared here, and the book when it takes shape.

Good luck!
g xo

Jen said...

There are enough for a few volumes! And all so wonderful :)

flowerpress said...

Love that top illustration!
Actually, love them all :-)

Wilma said...

The book will be so beautiful!!!