Thursday, November 3, 2011

circle contributions

Flavia Marele
Michelle Crowe
Natascha Rosenberg
Rebecca Horwood
Barbara Finkes
Erin Supinski
Gracia + Louise

About 260 persons have sent me pictures of Morran! Some of you have even sent more than one. What do you think, maybe we have to do a book with more pages than 80? Or maybe we could do more than one layout...?

41-80 pages - US $19.95
81-120 pages - US $24.95
121-160 pages - US $30.95

The price will then be + charity and shipping.


Suana said...

Fantastic entries!

Susan said...

Wow !! they are amazing all of them. I say bigger book - 30.95 is still very reasonable. S & Winnie Dixon

barbara said...

160 pages and maybe 200 pictures?
(I think they are all great)

Rendell said...

I say the more the merrier...there are so many amazing works of art. Can you put more than one image on some pages?

Line Katrin said...

I say 160 pages! There are soo many great pictures and it would be so fun and inspiring to see how many pictures that can be made out of the same starting point. That makes me realize how fantastic creativity is and how different our adventure with Morran is. This is soo fun Camilla!

molly costello said...

My vote is for 160 as well! This clearly has been a warmly greeted project and I foresee lots of interest in the book.

P.K said...

Yes, go big! The entries are fantastic, how can you select a few, more more more!!! Even if it means volume 2. Cheers.

Rebecca said...

I'm loving seeing such lovely ideas from so many people. I would gladly buy a bigger book to see them all together.

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

Amazing, 120 showing more than one image for page? or 2 volumes,.. i am pleasure to participate and i would like to help spreding the carity and project!! Great Morran and Camilla.

EcoMuse said...
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Michelle Crowe said...

I think 160 pages also, such wonderful entries! May I add my website as the link with my name appears to be broken. Thank you Camilla for showing my work in this blog post! :)

Jane Cabrera said...

How is Morran reacting to all this attention Camilla? She must sense it....Is she hiding under the sofa away or perhaps she's become more even dominant and proud!

Patrice A. said...

I agree with the others
160 pages!

what a great book it will be!!!!

Barbara Ismailovic said...

160 definitely!

this chicken said...

Yes, I think 160 pages too. These circle illustrations look good together so maybe it is possible to do something similar to fit more works on one page?

Michelle's Morran is so realistic (I just had to add that!) x

Blanca Helga said...

But, 160 pages is 1 page:2sides:2 pictures then------>320 pictures or are 160 pictures?



Camilla Engman said...

Ok, 160 pages it will be :)

Blanca I am pretty sure they mean 160 pages/sides.

Jane, she thinks this is totally natural and continues as before.