Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm so glad so many of you are in to this! It's going to be so much fun and think
it will be a wonderful book (how could it not when it contains Morran ;)

A picture of Morran could be what ever you want it to be, a painting, an illustration,
an embroidery, a photo, a cake, a sculpture, your own dog dressed up as Morran or
what ever you can think of - as long as you can send it to me by e-mail in the end.
You are all welcome.

First we have to decide the format so you know how big your picture has to be.

7x7 inches (18x18 cm)
Four-color printing
Starting at €10,95 ($15)
(41-80 pages, softcover - €15 / $20.64)

10x8 inches (25x20 cm)
Four-color printing
Starting at €16,95 ($23)
(41-80 pages, softcover - €22,75 / $30.99)

Photos taken from Blurb's website.
These are the two formats I'm thinking of, which do you prefer. Cheaper or bigger?
This is the price without any profit(=charity) at all, and the cheapest of everything.
How much should we give to charity on each book? = how much can a book like this cost?

If we preorder we'll get a discount 5-9 books 5%, 10-49 books 10%, 50-249 books 15%

I found this over at Blurb, Blurb for Good.

And then we'll have to find a cause for all of this! Any suggestions?

Too much information :) ?


ElleSee said...

That is a lot of information, but not too much :)

I am a fan of the square format. I made a 7x7 photo book recently, and I love it. It is so cute, and when I think of Morran, I think cute!

I like that Blurb has made it possible for all of the proceeds to go towards the cause that is chosen -- which I will get back to you about.

I'm very excited! This is such a great idea :)

Camilla Engman said...

Thanks, LC.

Ulicam said...

Hej hej Camilla, kul att projektet tar fart. Jag har en blurb bok på 300 sidor i 25x20... jag skulle nog också rösta på det formatet... speciellt då det är lite mitt emellan kvadrat och landskap - vilket gör att olika typer av format passar.
Men det är klart, kvadratiskt format är också väldigt sött :)

Det är bäst att inte dra över för mycket för välgörenheten...det är bättre om många köper och bidrar till lite per pers än om få köper och bidrar mer. 5 dollar kanske?

Ulicam said...

Och pengarna borde absolut gå till en organisation som jobbar med djur. Gärna en nordisk sådan som inte är alldeles för främmande. Så att man inte skickar iväg pengar till en jättestor organisation där man inte riktigt vet vart allt tar vägen :)

Reda said...

Håller med Ulicam-inga stora organisationer.
Vi har ett par kämpande små organisationer, som hjälper hemlösa hundar och katter här i Litauen. De hämtar starckarna från olika ställen där de sövs ner dusintals varje dag. De kan rädda bara några.Det är svårt att ta hand om alla dem innan någon bestämmer sig att adoptera någon av hundarna eller katterna. Det finns inga pengar, lite plats, osv.
Kan vi hjälpa någon sån organisation?
Ursäkta mitt svenska...

Reda said...

Länkar (konstigt-inget engelska, men man kan se, hur många djur det talas om)-

Den här är på engelska-

Camilla Engman said...

Thank you for your input.
Håller med om allt :) Reda, känner du dom här organisationerna själv?

Reda said...

Nej, inte direkt. Men jag följer deras aktivitet på nätet. Några av mina kompisar bidrad med hjälp och saker...

Gitta said...

I like the small format as well, 7x7, because of the cuteness factor. The proceeds should definitely go to an animal welfare organization, but this is not an easy choice.
I agree with Ulicam, about $5.00 is a good contribution. Thanks for starting this great project.

Camilla Engman said...

So, so far two for the small format and two for the bigger one.
I'll give you the final size on monday, so if any other of you have any preferences be sure to comment before monday.

AnnStudio said...

I vote for the 7x7 selling for $25 which leaves almost $5 for charity.

asphalt and air said...

i heart square format.
let's try to give a lot to charity.
that's a big part of the idea, right?
i think that a lot of people would be able to spend 28.00 for a book of Morran art!

Rendell said...

I like the 7x7 format as well...I think it will be a fun project, I will definitely submit a likeness of Morran for consideration.

Jen said...

I agree with the square format too. I think it's probably more affordable and practical, with $5 going to a charity for dogs who have not been loved so much.

Unknown said...

Hi Camilla,
I vote also for the square format, and I agree with everybody that almost $5 for charity is a good quote
Which cause?
As Jen said, for homeless dogs it's nice.
But I suggest also something like food for children, food for homeless people, books for schools that can't afford it....

I wish I could help you more with good information but I do not know much more.
I'm waiting for your tomorrow's post :)

Loves from Italy,

Ulicam said...

Also, It doesn't necessary have to be to an organization that has like... to many stray dogs or cats. It could be to an organization that helps some nordic animal(like ... or helping fjällräven. I dunno... but it would be great to help some animals that's endangered, because we are loosing a lot of animals but we still have a lot of dogs and cats!

marga.marina said...

I also like the small format 7x7!
It´s a pretty handy size and fits to Morran :)

I think the proceeds should be donated to a global animal welfare organization, because human from all over the world will be involved in the book - but it's really hard to find out which one!

Patrice A. said...

definitely the square size
I like square
the little book of Morran
which came with your Suitcase series book is square too

5,00 to charity is fine

but the cause....

Ulrika said...

Square +1 from me! :)

Ana Gonzalez said...

I like the big book, is more colorful. For the rest according to the majority. I request you as one. Let me know the amount to send it if you want before ordering to Blurb